A Look Into What We’re All About

A friendly team of talented individuals eager to work with you

A Friend To The Homeowner

Hi I’m Danny, the owner of Beck & Company Construction. I’ve been working in the remodeling, carpentry, and cabinetry industry since I was 16 years old. It’s always been a part of my life and over three decades later I have no intention of stopping.

I love what I do, not only in the work itself but in helping my clients. There are few things that motivate me more than seeing the look on my clients’ faces after finishing a project for them. When they see their space transformed into their dream home, their faces light up like a sunrise after a cold night.

I’ve dedicated my life to the trade. Since starting my business in 2005, I’ve been able to help people and enrich their lives like never before. This is what we’re here for. We’re here to meet your needs, provide an enjoyable experience, and get you a perfect space you can enjoy for years to come.

The Core Of Beck & Company Construction

On top of the three pillars to our philosophy (organization, knowledge, and efficiency), there is so much more that we offer.

We are not a contracting company aiming for a quick buck. During the catastrophic disaster Hurricane Katrina, owner Danny saw what an impact he could make in people’s lives. He was kept busy for 5 years helping families rebuild their homes from the foundation up.
It gave the company the direction it needed.

Making the best situation out of a bad one is one of our greatest accomplishments. Our experience has shown us that working for the client instead of for the money is infinitely more rewarding. We’re a friend to every homeowner, and that’s how we’ve earned the trust of hundreds of homeowners across Alabama for three decades and counting.

Happy Homeowners Are The Proof

Making our clients smile is our favorite part of the job and our priority, and we don't plan on changing that. Read what previous clients say about us and our services to get an idea of what to expect when choosing Beck & Company Construction.


Beck & Company provided great, professional and fast service. I called to get an estimate for a new roof. They started the next day and was finished within 48 hours. We’re already working on a new deck. Thanks Mr. Beck!



Enclosed porch to add living space, did an awesome and amazing job.Crew was professional, and cleaned daily after working. It was the attention to detail for me. Yes, I would recommend this business.



Best prices, good quality work and they routinely provided progress updates. They were flexible with work schedules and showed up according to plan.


Get In Touch And Let Us Make Your Space A Place You Can Fully Enjoy