Commercial Services

Hotel Construction

Before choosing any general contractor Tuscaloosa AL for their services, you need to know whether they’re able to do the job with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The short answer is: Beck & Company Construction can do both. We have years of experience working with multiple hotel and motel construction projects. These projects have ranged from minor renovations in an existing facility to a complete build-out of a hotel from start to finish.

Next, you need to know us and our process for ensuring a great project. It starts with communication, communication and then a little more communication. When you give us a call to set up our first consultation, we’re going to walk you through exactly what this process looks like.

We start by getting to know you as a client and finding out exactly what your facility needs are. That can begin with a conversation with your general contractor Tuscaloosa AL. That also by making sure we have good drawing information for your project. If you’ve got existing drawings of a project or need new drawings, we will work to make sure we know exactly how to move forward. During this communication process, we can absolutely help you come up with concept designs for your project. If you need it, our goal is to be a one-stop shop for you.

We work hard to make this process as smooth as possible for you by going through a detailed pre-construction effort and by creating detailed site qualification and budget estimates. The more upfront we can be with you — and the more questions we ask at the beginning of a project — helps to make sure we stay in your cost-sensitive budget.

We focus on communication as your general contractor Tuscaloosa AL because it is critical to project efficiency and cost, but we know you have questions about the quality of our work. We have absolutely rigorous standards when it comes to choosing our subcontractors and bidding on a project. Our standards are high, and we don’t do junk work. We set project milestones and conduct constant reviews to make sure we are on-task to meet your schedule and on-budget with our estimates.

If you want to know more about us, give us a call. Let us set up an initial consultation and show you that we are the company to build out your hotel project.

Restaurant Construction

At Beck & Company Construction, general contractor Tuscaloosa AL, we are so appreciative that you have taken the time to consider our commercial contractor services for your restaurant construction project. We know how difficult it can be to select contractor services from just a website. It would be so much easier if you could meet all these companies face-to-face and look them in the eye before making a decision. We know what you’re thinking: Is this company a good one? Do they do good work? Are they trustworthy? Are they going to give us a good deal on a project?

The short answer is that we absolutely know we’re going to give you a competitive bid on a project. We will communicate and work with you during every step of the process to make sure your restaurant construction project is completed to the highest standards, on time and on budget.

We’ve developed a consistent, proven process that will make sure your project is completed as easily and hassle-free as possible. We are the one-stop shop for you that can handle any project — from refurbishing existing spaces and renovating older buildings to designing a completely new location for your restaurant.

With our 20-plus years in the industry as general contractor Tuscaloosa AL, we know that restaurant construction projects carry a specialized high-standard to meet all necessary safety and health codes. Our team of highly trained experts are ready to tackle your project — whether it is building your restaurant from the ground up or updating everything from dining rooms, seating areas and restrooms to kitchen areas.

With our commitment to using rigorously tested partners and subcontractors, we can take your restaurant vision and make it a reality. Let us help you wow your customers by partnering with us on your next restaurant construction project. Give us a call to set up an initial consultation to talk more about next steps.

Retail Construction

We are continually grateful that you have taken the time to consider our commercial contractor services for your next retail construction project from the general contractor Tuscaloosa AL, Beck & Company construction. Our hope is that this page is your good first look at us and we can provide the information you need to win your business.

With retail commercial construction, we know you are looking for three key features:

  • Time to completion of a project
  • The cost of the project
  • The quality of the work going into a project

Our years of experience in the industry, combined with our highly structured and communicative process, puts us head-and-shoulders above other companies that offer contractor services. We don’t say that as a boast or a brag. We say it because we are confident in our abilities to win your business and to create wins for our clients.

What do we mean when we say that our company uses a highly structured and highly communicative process? First, we go through a “heavy-duty” consultation process to find out exactly what your needs are and when you need a project completed. We’re going to ask lots of questions of you, and the hope is that you’d ask a lot of questions of us!

We set milestones and review them constantly to make sure we are on-task and stay on budget. Our job is to make sure we are up-front, honest, and fully transparent about setting and communicating costs.

It is also our responsibility to communicate well as your general contractor Tuscaloosa AL and often to make sure you know what is going on at every stage of the project. We only work with highly reputable subcontractors to make sure the quality of work we’re doing for you is of the highest caliber.

Whether you are looking for an entirely new shopping center or just a “minor” store-front renovation, we know none of these projects are minor to you. Our team is ready to tackle them all with passion and determination. We do want to win your business, but we also want our clients to win in every way. If you want to find out how our quality-driven team can create a win for you, give us a call for an initial consultation and learn more about your general contractor Tuscaloosa AL.

Commercial Construction & Build Outs

It is our mission at Beck & Company Construction to be the one-stop shop that can take your project from beginning to completion. We want to earn your business, and we want to earn your trust as a partner that will help propel your business forward. We provide the drywall & insulation and other materials that we have delivered by our “trade partners” right on time as needed to stay on schedule.

We can help you with:

  • Metal Stud & Wood Framing
  • Drywall Installation & Finishing
  • Acoustic Ceiling
  • Insulation
  • Densglass Sheathing
  • OSB Wood Sheathing used with Wood Framing
  • All Types of Painting
  • A 150 Gallon Spray Force Texture Rig for Orange Peel, Knockdown & Popcorn Texture

We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and that time has allowed us to build an expertise and a process that is second-to-none in the industry. We’ve formed that experience by working with clients just like you on large-scale and small-scale projects. Not to boast or brag too much on ourselves, but we do beautiful work that will wow you and your customers.

Our time in the construction industry has taught us that customers are looking for a partner who will shoot straight with them. Shooting straight means honest and transparent bidding for work. Shooting straight means when we set a schedule, we stick to it. Shooting straight means that when we work with you to set a realistic, cost-conscious budget, we stick to that as well.

How do we stick to a schedule and a budget? Planning and communication are critical. Our responsibility is to work with you at the very beginning to capture the vision that you have for your project. Once we know exactly what you want, we take your vision and break it down into realistic project timelines and milestones. Each milestone gives a chance to evaluate the work we’ve done and what we’ve got left to do.

The way we continue to build confidence and continued relationships with our clients is through open, honest and frequent communication. It is our responsibility as your general contractor Tuscaloosa AL to make sure that you know what is happening at every stage of the project. We’re here to answer your questions and make sure projects are completed in the easiest, most streamlined way possible.

If you’re ready to get started or want to talk more about an upcoming project, give us a call. We’ll set up an initial consultation to show you how Beck & Company Construction can get to work for you.