Here at Beck & Company construction, general contractor Tuscaloosa AL, we make sure that you know about the variety of quality services that we offer. This variety ranges from the next bathroom you want remodeled to the next kitchen or home addition that you may need. No matter what, make sure to let Beck & Co take it from here so we can continue to give you the experience you deserve!

Common concerns addressed

However, we understand the questions that are racing through your mind when you need to share your home with a general contractor Tuscaloosa AL that you know almost nothing about, it’s uncomfortable. You’re probably wondering if you can actually trust these people in your home? You’ve never met them, all you know is that they’re contractors who can help you out. Well let me tell you, you wouldn’t be the first think anything like this, that’s why we make sure to meet you during your consultation with us and you can feel free to ask any questions you have and even any concerns.

Another predictable concern may be whether or not your home will be left in decent condition throughout the day with the general contractor Tuscaloosa AL? Or at the end of the day even? What about the dust and noise nuisance? We got it covered! Once again, we make sure that our employees are conscientious with all the work being done and most of all continue to eliminate any reason to be concerned by the end of the day! Making sure that you’re comfortable throughout the process is our priority.

Any general contractor Tuscaloosa AL can talk themselves up for hours and try to fiddle there way into somehow landing a deal with a customer through a session of persuasion, but at the end of the day we can all agree that the only thing that matters is the result. The proof is when the job is finished, not how it got started. We do our job knowing that when it’s finished you’ll still be glad you chose us. In fact, we like to let others do the “selling” for us, go ahead and read the reviews of what everyone is saying about Beck & Company construction!

Kitchen remodel

Every job starts with a consultation, and it is no different for your future kitchen. So when you begin imagining the transformations that can take place in your kitchen don’t forget that Beck & Co, general contractor Tuscaloosa AL, wants to enjoy the brainstorming session too! We like to make recommendations during the consultation so we can make sure we got everything covered. Whether it’s the design, the lighting, the colors, the appliances, we can all admit that there’s a lot to think about! Go ahead and take the time to learn more about how Beck & Co can help you through this process and begin thinking about the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Bathroom remodel

There are so many options here, so let Beck & Co general contractor Tuscaloosa AL walk you through some of the most popular or even experimental options that you might want to consider. Are you looking for a garden tub, a jacuzzi, an extra sink? It can be overwhelming sometimes to try and do this all on your own. With the decades of experience that we have, let Beck & Co help you through this process. In fact, please don’t hesitate to ask any “dumb” questions you think you might have, because we’ve been through it all!

New home

There are a series of critical steps that need to take place when looking into the custom home you’ve been dreaming about. First of all, let me tell you that without the communication that really digs in deep to uncover what you have in mind, you won’t get what you want. That’s why Beck & Co wants you to know that we are here to make sure that we prioritize communication over action. We have to know where we’re at before going for it in the wrong direction! This is just one of the many variables that you have to calibrate with focus and determination.

Our communication begins with the consultation, meeting up and taking time to pick your brain to really see what it is that you’re looking for. During this time we make sure to find out what your biggest needs are and how we can satisfy those at the most cost effective path. We’re not in the business of upselling something you don’t need, however we are here to find out what you want most and how we can offer you options to get there.

During this phase, not the most exciting part, we’ll help you get blueprints going and start setting the budget. However once you have a good idea of what you want, you’ll quickly learn to enjoy the portion where you get to start choosing specifications with the general contractor Tuscaloosa AL. You’ll have a blast picking out cabinets, hardware, the kind of shower you want, etc. It can sometimes be a little overwhelming to have so much to pick from, but Beck & Co is here to help you through the process as much as possible!

And now, this is when the shovel hits the ground. We begin the process for your dream home here, the construction begins. This is when we set clear expectations as far as the schedule and the timeline of the construction. It’s really important to us and absolutely essential to our relationship with the customer. For this reason we make sure to stick with your schedule and prioritize staying in communication with you throughout the process. This is a great general idea of what working with Beck & Co Construction general contractor Tuscaloosa AL is like, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and throw at us any questions you have if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you or even call to schedule your first appointment with us! Scheduling an appointment with us is a fantastic way to get a solid impression for who will be working on your project, and how we choose to set ourselves apart every day. We look forward to learning more about your project and taking you through a journey you’ll never forget!